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Smart Polling

A powerful combination of active + passive asset discovery

Add Your Nozomi Networks Smart Polling software add-on extends Guardian passive asset discovery with discreet active polling to deliver enhanced asset tracking, vulnerability assessment and security monitoring. Text Here

Smart Polling gathers extensive information about all assets on your network, including operating system, firmware, patch levels, installed software and more, to help you identify guaranteed vulnerabilities before they’re exploited. It also identifies rogue devices and assets that don’t belong in your environment.

Single Asset View with extensive information, including software, hotfixes, patches, vulnerabilities, performance, security, operating systems and more.


Unified OT, IoT and IT Security

Comprehensive Asset Details

  • Discovers operating system information, firmware, patch levels and more
  • Identifies rogue assets and devices
  • Detects USB devices on Windows systems
  • Gathers details about the real-time health status of your network infrastructure

Real-time IT, OT and IoT Device Data

  • Identifies devices with high priority maintenance service needs in IT, OT and IoT networks
  • Informs maintenance schedules and plans with near real-time asset configuration data
  • Active Polling is an automated service that can be used to more accurately assess security profile
  • Active Polling is an automated service that can be used to more accurately assess security profile


Continuous Monitoring and Threat Detection

Enhances Network Monitoring and Threat Detection

  • Augments real-time asset information with up-to-date configuration data
  • Provides the latest device configuration information which contributes to more accurate vulnerability assessments
  • Deploys across your entire network, or only to targeted segments or assets

Informs Configuration Management

  • Respond to network vulnerabilities based on the most up-to-date polled device configuration data
  • Schedule reports for polling asset configuration data to support maintenance schedules
    • Smart Polling provides a means to maintain up-to-date centralized configuration data for connected assets

List showing the vulnerabilities for a facility’s assets.

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