In an industry where new and emerging technologies drive service uptake, energy and focus are needed to ensure the engineering team is competent and well trained. Training can enable employees to upskill and improve their overall performance.

At ATDI, we recognise that in order to get the best return on your investment in our software solutions, engineers not only need a solid grasp of our product features but a good understanding of how to leverage our solutions to get the very best results. Well trained employees ensure projects adhere to quality standards, provide accurate results and improve the reputation of the organisation.


To ensure our users make the most of our software solutions, we offer custom courses to meet the end-user needs. Our basic courses aim to familiarise users with the software and its application. Custom training modules are available to meet every end user’s needs.

Advanced training courses are available to include training on specific functions, technologies or to improve staff competence levels.

Courses are available on a one-to-one basis or for groups of engineers.

During the pandemic, all courses are held online allowing delegates to access training whether at the office, home or working remotely. With no travel or downtime costs, online courses are proving an excellent, sustainable learning solution, while benefitting from a decreased carbon footprint.


HTZ Warfare

Modelling all radio communications technologies between 8KHz and 1THz

ICS Manager

Leading spectrum planning, coordination & management solution

HTZ Communications

Modelling all radio communications technologies between 10KHz and 350GHz


Webinar: Search & Rescue – area prioritisation

This webinar demonstrates how a search and rescue area can be prioritised using mobile coverage boundaries in HTZ.

National mobile coverage portal

Mobile network users are demanding. The want ubiquitous coverage everywhere, and anytime. To support competition, the Serbian regulator provided a web portal to provide accurate coverage predictions for the countries three main MNOs.

e-Service solution

Web-based solutions provide interfaces for external applications and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of key processes. This use case shows illustrates how system integration is to key regulatory functions to create flexible solution to meet end user needs.

Automated Civil Spectrum Management System

Simplifying processes through automated workflows, allows spectrum regulators to improve efficiency and manage allocations and licensing with ease. This use case looks at how a web portal allowed the French national regulator to eliminate paper applications and reduce operator errors.