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Nozomi Networks

i-Metrix, in the context of its continuous development strategy, has the pleasure to announce its new partnership with Nozomi Networks. i-Metrix undertakes the resale of all Nozomi Networks products in Greece. Since the late 1990s, i-Μetrix has been offering regional security, business continuity and integrated IT solutions to companies and organizations in the private and public sector.
Nozomi Networks is the market leader in OT and IoT security. Nozomi Networks ‘s solutions support more than 70 million devices across thousands of installations in the energy industry, construction, mining, transportation, utilities, building automation, smart cities, and critical infrastructure.
Nozomi Networks’ solutions can be deployed on-premise or even in the cloud and extend to IT, OT and IoT to automate the inventory, visualization and monitoring process of industrial control networks through the innovative use of artificial intelligence.

For more information contact info@i-metrix.gr or 210 300 2050
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