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Success Stories

Implementing a 4-Layer Approach

Our team undertook a mission to safeguard prominent schools of Greece. We provided a multi-faceted solution that included content filtering and monitoring for student devices, giving educators the peace of mind that online activities were both safe and productive. The application management system enabled efficient control and management of student devices, empowering teachers with tools to optimize the learning experience. After assessing the organizations infrastructure, we developed a 4 layer strategy encompassing the security of both digital and physical assets, ensuring protection for the school’s premises, infrastructure, and the integrity of student’s learning environments. This comprehensive approach encompassed perimeter and network security, endpoint protection, and data security, creating a resilient defense.  Security Operations Center (SOC) is continuously monitoring the digital landscape, proactively identifying and responding to potential security incidents. This real-time threat detection and response mechanism played a pivotal role in maintaining the district’s cybersecurity posture. With improved security, educators and students could direct their focus towards their primary mission –  teaching and learning, free from the constant worry of cybersecurity threats.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Endpoint Security
Peripheral Security
Security Operations Center