Imagine the future

Let’s be honest: Most companies don’t spend time gazing into the distant future. But that may be changing. Companies are learning that to stay competitive they must be more strategic and more effective in anticipating important digital changes.

Imagining the future is one way to make that happen.

To get ahead of the competition today, enterprises need a dramatically different approach. They need to digitize, analyze and automate. Not just in the back office but in the front office, too. The new way of I-Metrix to deliver services, the as-a-service model, makes it possible to get quick access to intelligent technology, scale in a way that fits your needs and pay for what you use.

I-metrix has been helping clients navigate the as-a-service market for 21 years now.

We have deep experience in implementation of Cloud-based technologies, Cloud Computing, ERPs, Cloud Storage, Networking, Wireless Networking and Voip solutions.

We have developed strategy, cost and ROI benefits, integrations to additional sourcing, and unique scope for this fast-moving area.

Business as a Service

Cloud Services

— Cloud Backup, Virtual Server, High Availability, Storage

IT Security Services

— Firewall, Data Loss Prevention, Data Protection, Antivirus

Network Services

— Infrastructure, WiFi Infrastructure

Communication Services

— PBX, WiFi Service, Email

Support Services

— Remote, On Site, On Line

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