Automated Spectrum Management




Radio spectrum is the lifeblood of the radiocommunications industry. It’s the allotted frequencies or spectrum which supports all wireless communications. Spectrum regulation, also known as spectrum management, is the regulation of those frequencies to promote its efficient use and to maximise the net social benefit. Radio spectrum typically refers to the range of frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

Over recent years, we’ve seen the growth and development of automated spectrum management solutions. These solutions automate and integrate key functions like licensing, engineering analysis, administration and monitoring. These scalable solutions improve spectrum allocation, coordination and management and reduce the risk of human error.

ATDI has been at the forefront of developing automated spectrum management solutions for national and regional spectrum regulators for over three decades.


ATDI’s solutions allow regulators to:

  • Regulate the use of RF spectrum to ensure it’s used efficiently and is accessible to all users;
  • Minimise the impact of interference both in & out of band;
  • Automate frequency allocations to improve efficiency and spectrum reuse;
  • Support emerging technologies through spectrum sharing and innovative licensing approaches;
  • Coordinate spectrum use with neighbouring countries and other administrations;
  • Manage back-office functions for admin, licensing and billing;
  • Enable data exchanges with end users via front-end services and web portals;
  • Interface with monitoring solutions to enable a full turnkey spectrum management solution;
  • Enable spectrum re-farming and auctions;
  • Drive innovation and emerging trends in spectrum regulation and use.


Finding a one-solution-fits-all software solution is often costly or simply unavailable. In addition, organisations must focus on improving productivity and quality of operations. Often users look to combine a number of solutions to meet their needs.

ATDI works closely with partners and end-users to understand the users’ requirements and tailors their solutions for both large and small systems. Whether this is creating an API to allow two systems to interact or integrating their software into a much larger/complex structure, ATDI offers the expertise and know-how to support all end user requirements.

System integration provides agile, flexible and scalable solutions to meet every need, talk to us today.


ATDI’s automated spectrum management solution offers a wealth of features and functions to manage every aspect of the spectrum lifecycle.

  • Management of EMC – electromagnetic capabilities and EMF for Health and Safety;
  • Undertake co-existence studies both regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities – for data handling and production of reports;
  • White space device allocations – for the management of white space spectrum
  • Dynamic spectrum allocations – for a dynamic and flexible approach to spectrum management;
  • Technology evaluations and business modelling – to support business cases;
  • Identify candidate sites – for network rollout and to support expansion plans;
  • Automatic network planning and optimisation – to improve overall network performance;
  • Integrate spectrum monitoring with leading third-party vendors;
  • Enabling network proving;
  • Innovative data sharing solutions to allow users to share across their organisations and with other stakeholders;
  • International, bi-lateral and regional coordination of spectrum allocation and use;
  • Integration of data sources including GIS (multi-maps, multi-resolutions, WMS, WMTS);
  • Implementing ITU notices to ensure compliance.


ICS Monitoring

Adaptable monitoring solution to assess and control emissions

ICS RF Allocations

Web-based publisher for national FAT and RIR data editor

ICS Manager

Leading spectrum planning, coordination & management solution


Spectrum Management Summit

ATDI is pleased to announce its first annual Spectrum Management Summit for national and regional spectrum regulators. This event provides a platform for ATDI and its partners to discuss topical issues and introduce new solutions and product upgrades.

Demo: Spectrum monitoring solution

This demo provides an overview of ATDI’s spectrum monitoring solution. This adaptable monitoring solution allows spectrum managers to assess and control emissions and ensure operators comply with licence regulations.

Webinar: Spectrum sharing strategy: ACMA, Australia

This webinar looks at the methodology adopted by ACMA to manage AWL apparatus licence approvals in the 26-28GHz band.

Web-service deliveries to national spectrum regulators

Web-services are revolutionising the way we do business, providing easy to use, agile, software solutions for organisations. Spectrum regulators and other public sector service providers are no different, proven recently by two web-portal applications supplied by ATDI.