Zero Trust Network Access

Securely connect your users to your applications.

Enable Remote Workers

Replace remote access VPN with a superior solution for secure access to the applications and data your remote users need.

Micro-Segment Your Applications

Micro-segmentation removes implicit trust and ensures your applications are secure from lateral movement.

Stop Ransomware and Other Threats

Eliminate a common attack vector to keep ransomware and other threats from getting a foothold on your network.

Onboard New Apps and Users Quickly

Stand up new applications quickly and securely, easily enroll or decommission users and devices, and get insights into application status and usage.

Top Six Advantages of ZTNA

Control Access to Apps and
Data Based On User Identity
and Device Health

Sophos ZTNA delivers on the principles of zero trust: trust nothing, verify everything. Individual users and devices become their own micro-segmented perimeter that are constantly validated and verified. With zero trust, users are no longer “on the network” with all the implied trust and access that usually comes with it.   

Trust is Earned, Not Given

Uniquely Integrated:
ZTNA and Next-Gen Endpoint

Sophos ZTNA is the only zero trust network access solution that is tightly integrated with a next-gen endpoint product – Sophos Intercept X.

End-to-End Protection

With Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X, you’re not just securing your application access, you’re also protecting your endpoints and network from Ransomware and other advanced threats with the most powerful machine learning and next-gen endpoint technology available. It’s holistic end-to-end protection that’s easier and more effective.

Synchronized Security

Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X are constantly sharing status and health information to automatically isolate compromised systems to prevent threats from moving or stealing data.

Single Agent, Single Console, Single Vendor

Sophos ZTNA and Intercept X are both part of the world’s most trusted cybersecurity ecosystem. They deploy together as a single client agent and are both managed together from Sophos Central. It’s a winning combination that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cloud-Delivered, Cloud-Managed

Sophos Central: Your trusted platform for zero trust

Sophos ZTNA is cloud-delivered and cloud-managed and integrated into Sophos Central, the world’s most trusted cybersecurity cloud management and reporting platform.

Manage ZTNA from the cloud, anywhere, on any device.

Work with ZTNA alongside all your other Sophos products: Endpoint, Firewall, Wireless, Mobile, Server, and more.

Deploy your ZTNA agent alongside your endpoint protection with just one click.

Get at-a-glance insights into your application activity and your security posture from a single pane of glass.

Automatic Threat Response

Sophos ZTNA utilizes device health to automatically limit compromised devices from accessing business resources.  It takes full advantage of its unique integration with the full Sophos ecosystem especially Sophos Intercept X endpoints. 

Security Heartbeat

Share device health between Intercept X, Sophos Central, ZTNA, and Sophos Firewall in real time.

Automatic Threat Response

Compromised devices can have access automatically limited to isolate and contain threats, preventing lateral movement until they are cleaned up.

Deployment Alongside Intercept X

Get the world’s best endpoint protection and zero-trust network access with a single client deployment. No additional agents to install.

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How It Works

Sophos ZTNA has been designed from the start to make zero trust network access easy, integrated, and secure. 

Sophos ZTNA Client

The lightweight transparent and frictionless Sophos ZTNA client deploys alongside Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection (or any other endpoint product) with just one-click, greatly streamlining deployment and enrollment.

Sophos Central

Provides easy deployment, granular policy controls, and insightful visibility and reporting from the cloud. ZTNA is integrated with Intercept X to take full advantage of Synchronized Security and Security Heartbeat for device health.

Sophos ZTNA Gateway

Available as a virtual appliance on VMware and AWS that’s free and easy to deploy.  It continuously verifies user identity and validates device health for secure access to applications in your public cloud or on-prem datacenter.  

Better Security That’s Easier

Yes, you can have both! Sophos ZTNA provides better, easier security than remote access VPN. It’s easier to deploy, scale, and more transparent for end users.

Flexible Application Access

Get transparent clientless access for web-based applications. Plus, protect your SSH, RDP, VNC, and other TCP/UDP thick applications via the Sophos ZTNA client.

Granular Control

You have complete control over exactly who has access to what application, under what conditions, all from Sophos Central.

Seamless End User Experience

Your end users won’t even notice the frictionless and transparent security that’s enabling them to be productive from anywhere.